When meeting you I LOVE to hear about WHY you do what you do. That bigger drive, that force that is undeniable, even if we try to ignore it. I guide you in seeing your inner truth, living more fully of what you are. Then I help you to see a way to create a legacy based upon your desires and dreams.
The journey of deep coaching is one I love.​ It allows us to go in-depth and create a powerful bond. All we do is entirely tailored to YOU, no standard formats, just carefully tailored sessions based on your goals.

YOU decide where and how far to take this. Once decided we are a match, I bring my whole self to the table to support you in maximizing positive impact and boosting your growth.

Work With A Professional, One-On-One

This is your chance to connect with a global energy expert on such an intimate level.

You really can transform ANY aspect of your life, so you experience more abundance, love, happiness – or any other kind of “success” you desire.


Immersive Energy Balancing

Energy Blocks can come in a variety of forms. For example, if you have a block that causes you to believe hard work equals success?

You might come home late every night, and miss countless precious moments with your family and friends.

Truly Transformational Results

The best part is that all you need to do is listen to my easy instructions during the call, and relax as I condition your energy fields for a lifetime of happiness, fulfillment and abundance.

The path to your dream life starts with taking action.

I’m an expert on deep lasting natural joy and confidence.

Over the last years I worked with hundreds of people to help them move past self-judgement, self-doubt, fear and insecurity (those voices in their head that hold them back).

My clients tell me they love, that I always belief in them and give them my full undivided attention. They love I always see their power and support them to truly be who they are, to stand up, speak up and show up for what they belief in. They appreciate me for not going with the storytelling of their mind. 

All of us require support in discovering our blind spots and deep one on one coaching is powerful because when we help someone see their world differently, their world transforms. This is what I do for my clients, I help you see your world differently and your world will transform. 

I have worked with clients who have achieved inspirational results, created passionate relationships and built businesses doing what they love.

My clients create powerful results. 

  • A female bodybuilding athlete I worked with went from ranking bottom half in b-level competitions to placing second at the Dutch Nationals final in within 90 days. 
  • A female client who dreamed of her own business went from terrified of judgement and hiding by playing video games on the couch to a vibrant shining powerful woman running her fresh new start up full and creating her own product line in 120 days. She now is full of energy and improved all the relationships around her. 
  • One of my clients is the CEO of 50+ employee company in Latin America who desired to spend more time with his family. Shifting positions he now spends his time doing what he loves most, sailing  with his family while also setting up a second business.  
  • A client who is the mother of 3 children doubled her revenue as a massage therapist and is now developing her own sensual flow methodology and creating workshops for feminine connection. 

My goal is for you to experience happiness.

Most people die with their music still inside them.
Not my clients.

The thing is, I have a powerful and totally INCORRUPTIBLE believe you can live a life in freedom & greatness, a beautiful exponential life. I only see amazingly beautiful, strong and powerful people. 

Also if you feel like a total loser at this thing called life, its not about a list of accomplishments, its about you being you and loving it.

That is a life where you realize things that seem impossible and extremely far away right now.

Nobody ever said transformation, has to be slow and difficult. To be honest its basically very simple. To live an empowered & exponential life you have to be willing to focus on you own inner voice, do things differently and be open to the possibility that all you ever desired is closer than you think.

What I actually do is show my clients how to see their world differently, help them clear the energetic blocks that hold them back, help them to become the boss of their mind and focus on their heart. When someone sees the world differently, they show up differently, and they create results that looked impossible a moment before. 

This is the place to come when you are ready to really begin transforming your life. Our work together will uncover your hidden blocks and gives you the tools you need to flow through them and succeed. It will be rewarding.

My clients always surprise themselves and go on to creating impact in the world beyond their own expectations. My clients know what it means to give it their all, whether they are a housewife or an entrepreneur, an athlete, a CEO, an artist or a coach.

Are you ready to find out what it would take to reach the next level – or beyond. Are you ready to experience true richness and prosperity in all areas of your life. Prosperity is about far more than just money.

"I increased my mental clarity and got my start up off the ground. I have worked with Tamara for 3 months now, and the experience has been inspiring and elevating to say the least. She has helped me increase my mental clarity, supported me to get my start up off the ground and has always pushed me to be my true self. Tamara believed in me always and it has truly been a wonderful journey, one I look forward to continue with our future collaboration!"

Amandine Ayala
Founder & CEO AMP Smoking

"Tamara is an awesome coach and has so many resources. What I like the most is that she isn’t doing the work for me but holds the space in case I get out of the way of my own business success. She is understanding and challenging, sees the whole picture and works in every detail together with you. "

Albert Solà Renart
Founder & CEO Postural Patterns

"I am the living proof and testimony of one of the artists you helped heal. I was a painter and received country awards since I was a child. I had a trauma where one day I lost all my paintings and since then, 2005, I couldn’t paint anymore. It’s been 14 years. Very sad years. I met Tamara by pure chance in Pakistan turned into Tamara helping me heal and bring back my ability to do what I love and have so much passion for. Now I am sketching and painting things that are better then before. It’s because of what Tamara helped facilitate, unlocking that blocked energy and allowing it to flow, that I attracted meeting my childhood friend and now all is falling back into place! Thank you Tamara, in fact I can never thank you enough!"

Ghada Hamdan
Co-Founder & Marketing Director at Seven Secrets & Co-founder at Club Rich Official

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I’ve helped thousands of people worldwide clear their energy blocks that have stopped them from attracting the experiences they desire and the life of their dreams.

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