Hi I'm Tamara and I'd like to welcome you at my digital home. 

It is my intention to bring you the best of what I’ve learned during my work, studies and travels so that you might experience yourself  a way of thinking and acting that honors your natural gifts and authentic voice. Feeling powerful, radiant and alive. 

The Why Behind It All

For as long as I can remember, I've been obsessively interested in why people do what they do, what the point is of life itself. About human capacity, our natural urge to create and express ourselves and the edge of connection and disconnection. About patterns, frameworks, structures, cause and effect.

I wanted to know, what it exactly is why some people enjoy life and express themselves to the fullest and others don't? Why are some people creating amazing results from challenging backgrounds and others have all opportunities and keep struggling? 

What are the rules of engagement on this planet, I wondered. All didn't seem to make much sense in those early years. 

Most of my life, I felt locked in a world that told me I could not do things. I was living with suffocating restriction. Pure expression, a vision of greatness and the power to believe in the most extraordinary beauty of this world vanished down the rabbit hole. 

Just a fluffy, real-time bunny remained, attributed to the task of relieving me of my misery. I was seven years old when a well-meaning teacher requested I not share my natural flowing stream of words. She wanted me to remain silent in class, creating space for others to flourish without feeling uncomfortable. At 14, I discovered my father was an alcoholic. This was the man I fearlessly defended as the greatest person on earth, able to fight lions and stand in his strength. By the age of 25, I had experienced three very deep depressions. Waking up and getting out of bed seemed to be my main existence at the time.

It seemed to me life was supposed to be fun, vibrant and creative yet I felt slaved to a system and suppressed. A constant stream of criticism from teachers and peers who didn't seem to get much of what I was writing, speaking or doing guided me on a path of self mastery - the realization and actualization part of it.

These experiences showed me to understand my own fears and how to be my own vibrant guide and creator.

Feeling in the way of peoples happiness, not fitting into their world and rules, made a deep long lasting impression of unworthiness and a suffocating fear to fully be me. I was expecting the next verbal punch in the face in every given moment. It shaped my world, influenced my actions, blocked my creativity completely and made me act as a fake version of who I truly was.  

Untill I realized this multitude of skills, interests, experiences and consistently questioning the rules is a strength, not a liability. 

I learned to release stress and anxiety creating an unshakable energy and mindset that transformed my reality from pointless with no opportunity into powerful, joyful, vibrant and purpose driven. Creating one thriving result after an other. 

My passion goes overboard with a whole set of random things writing, photography, dance, creativity, strategic thinking, events, mindset hacks, organisational structures and frameworks, quantum physics, creativity, peak performance, education, feminine empowerment, relationship dynamics, entrepreneurship, riding a cross bike on a dirt track, spirituality and well lots more ...

By now I have an incredible track record of over ten years experience working in the video game industry working communications, pr and marketing, ten years of event management, six years of running my own independent photography business serving clients all over the world, traveled the world as a nomad for about a year and a half with just one suitcase, became a spirit junky, wrapped up business school as well as graduating the royal academy of arts, expanded my skill set with consciousness coaching, feminine leadership, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Dynamic Energy Change, conscious relationship dynamics and so forth. I lost track. The world is a stage and you are the artist. 

My journey includes learning from, training with and meeting powerful people such as Marissa Peer, Marianne Williamson, Eckhart Tolle, Anthony Robbins, Benthino Massaro, Richard Bandler, Ronja Sebastian and many more.  

My company Play, Create Celebrate is a fusion and acceleration of all I bring to the table. Ranging from authentic communication tactics, creativity accelerating tools, entrepreneurial frameworks and awareness expanding processes. 

Stand up, Speak Up, Show Up.

I learned that even though I had all these experiences, tools, story and a voice, unless I dared to stand up, show up and speak up for something bigger than myself, I would end up as one of those sad stories of the brilliant programmer creating never seen masterpieces in his attic room. 

I have the dream and desire to touch millions of people. The joy and sparkling eyes I encounter when people realize the power and play they truly have inside of them is beautiful beyond words and for me incredibly fulfilling.  

What I found out through my life is that my story is powerful and that the tools I learned need to be general knowledge as every human being on the planet deserves to feel this alive, joyful and creative. 

Stepping out the comfort of my own world - I became aware it was key to fully let go of the fear of the metaphorical punch in the face. 

I started letting my creativity flow and connected the dots to combine all the skills I have into this company, communicating the heart of the individuals and companies I works with.  

True connection goes beyond engagement straight into our human emotions. Anyone who desires to expand their business or personal life must learn the art of pure communication, authentic self expression and exquisite storytelling, as there is where the real connection (as well as success) takes place. 

My passion for awareness radiates through my energetic presence and authentic leadership. Working on creating sustainable impact and tangible results for my clients.  There is no endgame to what you can create in this world, what's next?! Aim higher. 

Our Goal...?! A  worldwide school for balanced leadership, authentic self expression, creativity expansion, conscious entrepreneurship and legacy creation.

From event management in the banking world, to communications in the music industry, to pr marketing localisation in video game development & publishing, to art student, to internationally exhibiting photography work, to photographing worlds biggest video game events for boundary breaking companies, to pr for a thriving Korean mmorpg videogame, to published author, to founding my own digital coaching and education company. I’m rocksolid proof that rules were made to be broken and we are made to Play, Create, Celebrate. 

Seeing yourself, discovering your natural energy and power, trusting your own guts & keeping focus and direction on YOUR vision is an essential element in living an empowered beautiful life.

When your WHY is bigger than yourself, all the energy in the world starts flowing in your favour and boredom will never strike. In the past I have aimed too low, got bored and then ended up distracted. Creating a false sense of 'that's not for me'.

"Only a vision beyond yourself creates enough traction to exceed all limitations. Learn to ask for what you want and receive."

The thing is, I have a powerful and totally incorruptible believe you can live a life in joy & greatness, regardless of your startingpoint. You must bring all of who you are to the stage, in wholeness, if you wish to thrive in today's world. That includes your skills, your personality, your crazy ideas, quirky expressions, sense of humor and your heart. 


Let's be honest, we have limited time in life. Waiting until tomorrow isn't a smart idea.

Whether you run your own business or endeavor on a personal project, a creative, focused and entrepreneurial approach is critical to thrive in the modern world and to experience the joy and fulfillment you deserve. 

Nobody ever said transformation, has to be slow and difficult. To be honest its basically very simple. You have to be willing to focus on you own inner voice, do things differently and be open to the possibility that all you ever desired is closer than you think. This philosophy, a clear focus, plus a committed inspired action working ethos, have lead me to create many milestones.

Most importantly, I take a stand you have all the power & answers within yourself to create that dream life driven by vision, mission and legacy. Re-discover your deeper vision and natural sense of freedom, leading your life with a beautiful smile and long lasting natural confidence.

Which Brings Us to You

I'm here to serve. My company is built on love, a passion for self-expression, creativity and conscious entrepreneurship, a rocksolid drive to move forward and expand, a believe in outragious possibilities and a commitment to be an undeniable force for joyful growth and creative outbursts.
We're here to make a difference, and facilitate shifts through our free content, our paid online training programs and anything else we might offer. To help you build a life where you stand up, speak up, show up. A life that is designed by your own choice, creating your legacy and brilliantly representing you fully as you are.
We’re here to help you reach the highest levels of your creative capacity and connect with the deepest wisdom within you.

Yes, this is a business and yes we sell things. We are proud of the company we created and deeply grateful to be able to earn a living by doing what we love. 

My commitment is to bring you the very best of what I’m living and learning, in a raw, open and honest way. Don’t expect perfect polish (I do love a certain level of impeccability), do expect thought-provoking ideas, expanding wisdom, some funky dances and an unshakable devotion to help you live your most powerful, creative, accelerating, authentic and meaningful life, and put your ideas out there to uplift the whole of humanity.

If you’ve read this far, thank you. I hope this is just the beginning of our connection and co-creation. I love to learn more about you. What message do you want to share with as many people as possible? What do you wish to upgrade in order for you to show up as your full radiant Self? Who do you wish to help, uplift and expand with you knowledge? Which purpose are you passionate about? What creative radiates through you and wants to be expressed?  Which parts of your life are you grateful for and where do you wish an upgrade? What fun things would you like to experience?  

The best way to share that and stay connected is to make sure you become one of our Play Create Celebrate Insiders — just enter your name and email, below.

Though I run a digital company, I spend as much time offline as humanly possible, connecting with people in real life and I consider nature my true office. The place to recharge and download all the concepts, ideas, programs and events to serve and expand you. Sometimes I am on social media and sometimes I am not, if you want the inside scoop from me, our Insider’s list is where the magic happens. Most of the time, you’ll hear from me on Tuesdays; more if something is time-sensitive or important. I do appreciate your inbox Feng Shui. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to be here! I’m excited we’re connected and I’m excited for the journey ahead.

Power & Play,



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