What they are saying.

The powerful words of appreciation and results of the people I work with. 

The power lies with each one of us.

We often forget that the solution can be quite straightforward if we allow ourselves to open up and if we commit to take action. Because in the end the power lies with each one of us. Thank you for helping me through this process. Sending you a lot of good vibes!

~ Patrizia Luchetta
Strategic Advisor & Independent Director

My business is flowing and continues to grow.

Tamara has helped me identify my true calling and now my business is flowing and continues to grow. She has a natural ability to pinpoint exactly what you need and her sessions are always fun and inspiring! 

~ Patsy Clarke
Founder & Holistic Therapist at Soul Body Balance

I increased my mental clarity and got my start up off the ground.

I have worked with Tamara for 3 months now, and the experience has been inspiring and elevating to say the least. She has helped me increase my mental clarity, supported me to get my start up off the ground and has always pushed me to be my true self. Tamara believed in me always and it has truly been a wonderful journey, one I look forward to continue with our future collaboration!

~ Amandine Ayala
Founder & CEO AMP Smoking

It took 3 minutes to bust my obstructive business conviction.

I can definitely recommend Tamara if you want to grow, change, discover new possibilities! You are a gift, Sister! And may as many people enjoy your gift. It took 3 minutes for you to help me transform my unhealthy and obstructive business conviction yesterday... Amazing!

~ Asameé Szczupak
Sound Healing Therapist


I went from insecure and placing last at b-level competitions to second place on the Dutch nationals in 90 days. Within 120 days I was competing internationally. 

"I am sure she will do the same for you as she did for me.”

Whatever your goal is and you need help, Tamara has an easy and practical system to support you. She supported me to clear blocks from my past and go from insecure as a competitive female bodybuilder to becoming second at the national championships and competing in international competitions.

~ Nicole de Wit
AALO Master Trainer & International Competitive Bodybuilder

I became self sufficient and empowered in my mission.

Tamara is an awesome coach and has so many resources. What I like the most is that she isn’t doing the work for me but holds the space in case I get out of the way of my own business success. She is understanding and challenging, sees the whole picture and works in every detail together with you. 

~ Albert Solà Renart
Founder & CEO Postural Patterns

A powerful woman who is very honest and supportive.

She knows how to cut the crap and is definitely not afraid of showing herself in a vulnerable way.

When Tamara is around, you immediately feel a powerful and joyful energy. She is straightforward in a very loving way, a perfect mirror without taking things personal, always willing to help and be there for you. A fun, vibrant and powerful woman who is very honest and supportive.

~ Lisa Galesloot
Filmmaker, Photographer & Artist

If you are up to sharing the joyful excitement of living more fully of what you are – Tamara is your woman!

If you are done with sharing problems, and up to growth, up to sharing the joyful excitement of living more fully of what you are – Tamara is your woman!

~ Simone
Former Research Journalist

I'm discovering myself with a new perspective.

I'm discovering myself with a new perspective.

I'm absolutely loving Tamara's videos, they are so supportive and encouraging. They make me feel very confident about myself.

~ Avimanyu Bandyopadhyay
Research Scholar

She always helped me to connect with my soul to gain direction in life.

Tamara has a great gift of understanding human psychology and how our thoughts can cloud our mind and loose sight of long-term goals. She always helps me to connect with my soul, aligning my heart, mind and body to gain direction in life. I recommend Tamara to anybody who wants to live life to the fullest while staying true to themselves and leave a legacy behind.

~ Fatima Farzana
Clinical Research Project Coordinator - Neuroscience PhD.

I got the clearest possible vision on my way forward.

Tamara has helped me get the clearest possible vision on my way forward: she showed me the place I really want to go and we mapped exactly how to get there. Besides loads of fun, working with Tamara means you will get her full attention and nothing important will go unnoticed. You can easily trust her to be the guide you are looking for.

~ Krista Hendriks
Brand Connector Creative Industries

We defined a focus point, which enables to work on a bigger scale plan.

I have experienced the session as warm and motivating, fortifying and affirmative. Together we have pinpointed three important elements for me. We defined a focus point, which enables working on a bigger scale plan.  The session was super exhilarating, I could have easily continued chatting as I find you cool on a personal level as well as informative.  

~ Jessica Crescioni
Apparel Designer

Upgraded in unexpected ways.

Tamara has been capable of supporting me with my growth process in unexpected ways. She has the capacity to easily spot my resistance and stories and challenges me to overcome my self imposed limitations.

She has supported me at critical times and has helped me to accept the facts without giving up on my dreams. In our sessions I get the right mindset and the energy to work on my objectives while allowing me to feel calm and relaxed.

~ Juan Ramón Paniagua
Tech Entrepreneur & CEO of CatalystDEVS


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