Dive deeper into the art of living more fully of who you are and create the inspired live you want for yourself on your own terms.

You can find courses on energy, creativity, authentic self-expression, business, written and visual storytelling, raising your standards, feminine leadership and more.

Whether you’re totally new on the journey of experiencing life through passion, purpose and  power or have been following the voice of your soul for years, you can join me wherever you are. 

Dream Creators

Do you have an important message to share — a vision that you talk about, meditate on and hope to manifest? This kind of calling can’t be ignored ... but you might be afraid to take action or have no idea where to start. If you’re ready to rise up, face that fear and transform it into joyful action, I will give you the inspiration and practical tools you need to turn your ideas into tanglible results. The Masterclass will set you up to finally  share your empowering message with the world. Inspire others by doing what inspires you!

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The Entrepreneurial Shift

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The Completion LifeStyle: Environment

When we are living with incomplete tasks in our lives, there is no space in our being to invite in new ideas, people, projects and dreams. 'The Completion Lifestyle' is a  profound framework to create clarity and space in your environment, directly resulting in more mental and physical space to create what you set your mind to. Rinse and repeat as often as you desire. 

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The World is Your Stage Membership

The World is Your Stage Membership is a monthly subscription platform that offers fresh, new and inspirational content. Each month I share exclusive content (including everything I am exploring in real time) along with my signature tools, lectures and more. You’ll get weekly encouragement from me plus a monthly, members only Live call, to make it easy and joyful to stay consisted in creating the life and projects that spark and radiate your soul the most and bring you a life on your terms and feel motivated and inspired.

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The Hero's Journey: Storytelling 2.0

Go beyond engagement straight into human emotion. The way you present your vision and stroy define exactly how people perceive you. The hero's journey is an unique online program teaching you exactly the framework how to tell and convey your personal story or companies vision powerfully, while taking your audience on a compelling journey into your legacy.

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Feminine Leadership

In a world where hard work, pushing boundaries and checking of achievements are praised, true balanced feminine leadership is a slow developing concept.

Woman simply create, work and lead different from man. This course taskes you on a journey into the art of leading from the feminine. Opening up new ways of creating a life and business, the feminine way!

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Vibrant Energy Upgrade

My 4-Phase Energy Upgrade Framework. It's designed to help you raise your energy levels on a daily basis and to move you from stuckness into clarity at any given moment. 

Creating energy to stay focussed on your wat to creating the carreer, relationships, art, travels, health you ever wanted. 

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Authentically You

Full framework teaching you how to show up authenticity and natural in front of a camera, how to record your videos and take photo's prfessionally without hassle and with fun, ease and grace.  Using professional photograpghy and film techniques in an easy and comprehensible way.

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Beyond Limitless: Embracing Everyday Miracles & Magic [Book]

Ready to dip your toes into the pond of possibilities and play? Are you ready to call in the magic that could be your life? We are here to embrace the instantaneous energies of possibility. This book shares some amazing creation tools and ways to open to a life which may not have been fathomed yet. 

Thirteen extraordinary people from around the world share their experiences with choosing beyond where they have ever been and what it created in their lives. We have all been to the place where we felt like we could not take another step in our lives. Then we do, and all of life opens up. 

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Upgraded in unexpected ways.

Tamara has been capable of supporting me with my growth process in unexpected ways. She has the capacity to easily spot my resistance and stories and challenges me to overcome my self imposed limitations.

She has supported me at critical times and has helped me to accept the facts without giving up on my dreams. In our sessions I get the right mindset and the energy to work on my objectives while allowing me to feel calm and relaxed.

~ Juan Ramón Paniagua
Tech Entrepreneur & CEO of CatalystDEVS

The power lies with each one of us.

We often forget that the solution can be quite straightforward if we allow ourselves to open up and if we commit to take action. Because in the end the power lies with each one of us. Thank you for helping me through this process. Sending you a lot of good vibes!

~ Patrizia Luchetta
Strategic Advisor & Independent Director

If you are up to sharing the joyful excitement of living more fully of what you are – Tamara is your woman!

If you are done with sharing problems, and up to growth, up to sharing the joyful excitement of living more fully of what you are – Tamara is your woman!

~ Simone
Former Research Journalist


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